Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meet our Puppy

I've tried to ask for a cultural perspective on this, but can only seem to get personal accounts of the matter. Nonetheless, our puppy (who is actually not a puppy at all...she's 5...but she's too stinkin cute to just be a "dog".) is not a large puppy, but the reactions we *usually* get would make you think otherwise. For a size reference: she was small enough to ride in the cabin of the plane with us, but big enough to hate our guts for about 20 hours that day.
Please, enjoy the cartoon.


  1. This post is full of win.
    It's bi-winning.

  2. Haha. That's weird; I know that a lot of Koreans keep dogs as pets. I don't see any reason why they would shift away from you in public.

  3. Little dogs are very common here, but we've met many people who are afraid of dogs (a vast majority of our students, for example). Our dog isn't a big dog in American standards, but she is much bigger than the typical pet here, and she's also a very unusual breed. Of course, there are Koreans that are very warm and welcoming to our dog, but the majority seem to rather shy away. Just another cultural difference;)

  4. Hi! I recently found your blog through Eat Your Kimchi and even though this post is somewhat old, I figured I would ask you my question anyways :P

    I am moving to Korea around August of this year or early next year, depending on how long it takes me to get my stuff together. In the process, I intend to take my two dogs (A shiba inu, approximately 30 lbs and considered to be a small/medium dog & a dachshund (10 lbs), considered to be a small dog.) I've done a lot of preliminary research but I would love to hear how you handled it personally.

    Is your dog a Boston Terrier? From the picture it appears to be. What size is she? Also, since you said you bought it a seat on the plane, does that mean she rode in the cabin with you?

    If you could offer me some details, that would be wonderful :) You can email me at if you prefer! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Also, this blog is amazing and will stay on my radar :) Thanks!